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Meet Sendemo
Musician to record label demo submissions.

Musicians are used to being ignored by record companies. That’s about to change with Sendemo.
Musicians can now get constant feedback, get signed or get rejected, all from one easy-to-use platform. 
For musicians, their future starts with Sendemo!
Musicians assume that labels want to receive demos, but they are wrong.
Sendemo’s unique financial model incentivizes labels to receive demos, listen to the music and provide the musicians honest feedback.

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Upload up to three songs that you can submit to any label of your choosing

Search & Suggested Labels.

We find Labels that match your music genre. Don’t like our Suggestions? No problem, just manually search our entire Label database.

Send your demo.

Now that you have found a Label you want to send your demo, simply review the submission fee, set by each label, then upload. We guarantee feedback on every song.

Feedback or you don’t pay.

We guarantee feedback on all your demo submissions, otherwise you don’t pay the submission fee. That’s right, free. All feedback is personal and provided by the label.

Get signed.

Getting signed to a contract is built right into your workflow. Labels can sign you to exclusive contracts all from within the app, usually contracts last for under 60 days.


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